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Mindfulness is a practice of bringing attention to “our moment to moment experience that helps children to recognize when they are feeling tired & sleepy, balanced or overstimulated & hyper. When they practice this act of self-awareness they are able to respond more skillfully and make more compassionate choices for themselves. Meaning less tantrums, arguments and whining.

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“Amy is Amazing and worth every penny!!” Lila Kosciolek-Lebanon Borough School Nurse & Anti-Bullying Specialist

just like me

Just Like Me is an interactive program that incorporates guided practice, demonstrations, story and activity!

Students will not only walk away with empowering practices to regulate emotions and manage relationships, they will also create a powerful keepsake to remind them that happiness is a choice! 

  • Teachers will be provided a study guide to support classroom discussions and deepen the practices of awareness and loving kindness.

  • Families will receive a summary of the program with key social-emotional learning objectives to promote common language and encourage a strong home-school connection. 

  • The school will be gifted a copy of Ishi-Sound advice from a Solid Friend to share the message of kindness and respect needed to grow compassionate school cultures from the inside out!

Professional Development Workshops for Educators

Infusing Mindfulness into the Classroom

A great introductory course for educators in grades K-12 teaching simple, yet effective ways to promote Mindful Learning in any classroom across the curriculum. This course provides a variety of age-appropriate activities created for kids, teens & adults to promote healthy, productive, student-centered classroom cultures that excel.

The Mindful Educator

Perfect for educators looking to build resiliency for themselves & their students. This course covers current, scientific research on Mindfulness & the Brain, with regard to increasing self-regulation and compassion to improve focus and attention to learn. Participants will walk away with a firm understanding of how they can create a more meaningful, engaging teaching & learning experience.

Mindfulness to Promote Innovation

Incorporating the Design Thinking method to create a personalized Approach to Teaching/Learning that addresses the soft skills needed for 21st Century Success. This workshop provides relevant, research-based, activities and resources for each participant to design a sustainable/differentiated practice of Mindfulness combining the Design Thinking process & social-emotional intelligence to enhance creativity & critical thinking for themselves and their students.

Make & Take Mind Jar Workshop

Offering a unique opportunity for participants to create a Mindfulness Practice & Self-Regulation System for their classroom. This workshop provides everything needed to begin and maintain a classroom mindfulness practice in as little as 3 minutes a day to help all learners grow their Mindfulness Tool Kits and includes:

  • Materials and instructions to make and use 3 different Mind Jars.

  • Lessons & suggestions for how to introduce, develop and practice using the Mind Jar Rating System.

  • Over 30 Mindful Minute Scripts & Activities.

Access to books, videos, info-graphics and many other supporting resources.


Add on Educational Services

Classroom Demo Lessons/Small Group Student Sessions

Offering a great way to see Mindfulness in action. Learn tips and tricks to promote student buy-in and understanding of the Magic of Mindfulness.

Faculty Meetings

A quick and easy way to experience the many benefits of Mindfulness needed to thrive in both teaching and learning.   

**Depending on distance and scheduling, both on-site and virtual sessions are offered.

All prices are negotiable! Sessions & topics are customizable!  Email amy@mindfulselff.com to begin planning your Mindful Experience.

Wellness Workshops for Business

6 Week MBSR (Mindfulness based stress reduction)

It’s easy to feel tired and overwhelmed with the hectic pace of daily life and seemingly, endless to-do lists. MBSR is a perfect opportunity to explore activities, guided practices and breathing exercises to foster a Mindful Mindset and profoundly affect your ability to reduce stress and live more fully. This 6 week course explores a variety of mindful techniques, both formal and informal, to provide support and helpful resources for managing stress, increasing energy, reducing pain & illness, improving sleep and overall wellness while challenging our own assumptions and biases that create and prolong our suffering.

Mindfulness Strategies for Everyday Awesomeness

Did you know that if you’re not actively focused on the energy of joy, your brain will default into the energy of fear? Whether you’re looking to be your best self, the best in the business or to bring your best into the world, learn how to generate, manage and protect your energy and experience the power of energy resets. This workshop guides a variety of  practices and provides Mindful Strategies to bring balance & abundance to your life worth living!

Mindfulness to Promote Innovation

This session uses the Design Thinking method to create a personalized approach to working/learning that addresses the soft skills needed to improve communication, conflict resolution and effective collaboration. This workshop provides relevant, research-based, activities and resources for each participant to design a sustainable, personalized practice of Mindfulness combining the Design Thinking process & social-emotional intelligence to enhance creativity, productivity & critical thinking for yourself and your team.

Project Reset

A simple, fun way to build personal & community wellness from the inside out. Whether you’re looking for a more effective way to manage your stress or increase your happiness, energy and resilience, this 3-part series provides the support and resources to help you achieve your goals. During this 21 Day Challenge participants will discover how to cultivate a Mindful Mindset to benefit yourself and your Organization in as little as 3-5 minutes a day.

What this Program Provides:
1- Three professional learning/sharing opportunities with Amy Rubin (MBSR certified mindful mentor, Experienced Educator, Staff Development Coach) which include:

  • Project Reset Kickoff-empowering participants with research, best practices, resources and challenge overview for them to launch into 21 Days of Mindfulness with confidence. (45-60min)

  • Mid Challenge Check in-supporting participants to share their experiences, discover simple solutions, if needed, and get answers to their questions to guide the completion of the challenge. (30-45min)

  • Wrap-up/Reflection Session-Guided reflections, opportunities to analyze data, share what worked and discussions around future support(s) needed for continued practice of mindful moments. (45-60min)

2- Access to a variety of practices & resources including apps, books, articles, videos, infographics, Supporting documents and Extension Activities:

  • Pre and Post Survey to measure growth and awareness

  • Journal Prompts & Articles for participants to deepen their practice

  • Mindful Hacks and activities to have fun with Mindfulness and easily infuse it into the things we already do (ie Mindful walking, snacking, coloring)

Mindful Mission

In an effort to make Mindfulness attainable, relevant & sustainable, all topics, session lengths, prices and logistics are flexible and customizable.

Lunch & Learns

A quick and easy way to experience the many benefits of Mindfulness needed to thrive in our fast-paced, over-stimulating world and avoid perpetual overload.

**Depending on distance and scheduling, both on-site and virtual sessions are offered. Email amy@mindfulselff.com to begin planning your Mindful Experience.

Limited spots available for individual Mindful Tutoring

for kids

Great for students of all ages who struggle with self-esteem, negative thoughts, anxiety, hyper-activity and/or perfectionism. 

mindful mentoring for teens & adults

Personalized, one-on-one, 45 min. sessions to help manage everyday stress, restore balance and promote the happiness & well-being that you deserve!

for families

Whether you’re looking to increase calm in your home or eliminate stress, arguing and whining, Family Meditation is the choice for you. Helping you and yours unlock the happiness and peace your family deserves.

mindfulness for parents, leaders and caregivers

Because we can't pour from an empty cup! Participants will discover simple ways to establish and maintain their own Mindfulness practice and strategies to create a Positive Ripple effect in their Personal and Professional lives!

To sign up for classes or schedule a private session, email amy@mindfulselff.com






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