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Mindful Development Coach

Committed to introducing and developing Mindfulness Programs for students, teachers, leaders and families


Delivering sessions within school hours, as part of staff training days, staff meeting sessions or evening information nights. 


Mindful student

Supports the needs of elementary students in small group, individual or classroom settings. 


Supporting educators to gain knowledge and skills to grow mindful practices for their own wellbeing, self-care and personal empowerment. 

Mindful Youth/Teen

Addresses the stresses and struggles of older students. Perfect for middle/high school students. 

Mindful Parent 

Offering simple yet powerful solutions for raising Creative, Engaged, Happy kids in today’s hectic world. 

Why does Mindfulness Belong in Schools?


In 2013, Google decided to test its hiring hypothesis by crunching every bit and byte of hiring, firing and promotion data accumulated since the company’s incorporation in 1998. Project Oxygen shocked everyone by concluding that, among the eight most important qualities of Google’s top employees, STEM expertise comes in dead last. The top seven characteristics of success at Google are soft skills: being a good coach, communicating and listening well, possessing insights into others (including others different values and points of view), having empathy toward and being supportive of one’s colleagues, being a good critical thinker and problem solver, and being able to make connections across complex ideas.


Classes & Workshops


Family Meditation

May 20, 2018 12-1pm | Mt. Olive Public Library

I’ll be sharing some of my favorite Mini Mindful Moments that can help us train our brains. Come learn some Jedi Tricks for your mindful toolkit.


The Mindful Educator

May 21, 2018 2-4pm | Centergrove Elementary School

Because we can’t pour from an empty cup. Teachers will discover simple ways to establish and maintain their own Mindfulness practice to create a positive ripple effect in their personal and professional lives.


Mindful Movements and Meditation for Bedtime

August 23, 2018 7-8pm | Mt. Olive Public Library

Just in time for back to school worries. Come learn a variety of Mindful techniques to help you and your little ones ease into a restful night’s sleep. 


Mindfulness for Educators

We ask an awful lot of teachers these days...Beyond just conveying the course material, teachers are expected to provide a nurturing learning environment, be responsive to students, parents and colleagues, juggle the demands of standardized testing, coach students through conflicts with peers, be exemplars of emotion regulation, handle disruptive behavior and generally be great role models.


Measuring Mindfulness

Recent studies have found out that school children taught the technique show:

24% increase in positive social behaviors

24% decrease in aggression

15% improvement in math scores

Reduction and prevention of depression-like symptoms

Improved classroom behavior


“If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.”

-  Dalai Lama